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Our Litigation Team based in Dundee is able to provide advice and representation in a wide range of civil matters, including property, contact disputes, Interdicts, preventing a nuisance or harassment and Guardianship Orders in relation to vulnerable adults. These matters may require the raising of defending of Court proceedings. Our Litigation Team will aim to resolve your dispute, wherever possible, without recourse to the Courts and all alternative means of reaching a resolution will be explored with you in order to minimise time, upset and expense.

If after all alternative means of reaching a resolution are exhausted and Court action cannot be avoided you can be assured that your interest will be represented by experienced Civil Court Litigators who will be known to the Sheriffs in the Courts in the immediate areas surrounding our office. We will do everything possible to achieve the best possible outcome for you with consideration given to the stress and expense that such Court proceedings can often cause and involve. Our Litigators are experienced in both the Sheriff Court and Court of Session in Edinburgh.


Your Civil Court Team